Connecting People Along The Way means:


We’d love to help you get connected.  Connected to people and connected to God. 

If you’ve never been a regular church attender or if it’s been years since you have, we can help you start, renew or continue your journey.


Scripture is broken down into segments or verses and explained in a way that is easy to understand and follow.
References are made throughout the Bible that support the topic and subject of discussion.


Some of the questions below might help you get started. 
Perhaps you’ve even asked some yourself.  You’re not the first to question the hard beginning of something new and unknown. 
And you won’t be the last. 

How do I know where to begin if I don’t know where to begin.  Everyone seems to know so much and I don’t know anything about the bible or the things they talk about. I only know a few childhood stories.

I feel like I’ll be looked down upon because I’ve lived most of my life not being or acting like a Christian. I’m pulled by my heart now to find a way to integrate the teachings of Christ into my life.

Yes. You can talk with Pastor Anchul at any time to ask questions or discuss what you might expect as you begin your faith journey and open your heart to the teachings of Christ. Contact the church office at 816-353-1435 – and set up a time to meet. You’ll be very pleased at how relaxed you will be – when you begin to understand your faith journey. And he will guide and lead you and help you to Connect Along The Way.

Faith is the opposite of doubt.  Faith is having a strong conviction and a firm belief in something that can neither be seen nor touched. Faith means complete trust.

At The Ridge, we love questions. We’ve even had an entire worship series where folks submitted questions every week for eight weeks about death, life, forgiveness, conflicts in biblical interpretations, the existence or non existence of hell and much more.

Connecting People Along The Way means connecting people with God and with one another. As you travel your faith journey – and we all have one – we’d like to help you connect with us as a faith based body of people and to you as you accept the challenges of learning more of what it’s like to be a Christian.

It’s certainly ok to not have a history of being raised in a church or with parent’s or adults that did not practice any faith. What you feel in your heart now – as you look for answers and look for a place to begin understanding Christianity is where you Faith Journey begins.

Some feel a sensation of warmth and comfort or have messages and images brought to mind.  Ask yourself if you’ve fully opened your heart to God’s way.  God isn’t random – he doesn’t drop unrelated bizarre or scary commands into our hearts. He sees our lives from beginning to end. Look for where he opens and closes doors. He’s always at work in your life leaving clues and confirmations.  You’ll have to trust him. But remember, not everyone hears God. Be open to it happening and coming later if it’s not now.